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Welcome to Acacia Counseling and Wellness

You are here for a reason.

Maybe you are thinking about couples therapy or individual counseling if you are struggling in a relationship, feeling stuck in disconnection, fighting about the same things over and over again and don’t know how to make it stop.

Are you trying so hard to turn off the repeated negative soundtrack of not being good enough and  realizing that your choice of coping is not working for you anymore?

Perhaps you just want to do better, be better, feel alive — to stop simply existing and start LIVING.

I see you.

What would it feel like to not have to fight yourself so much? What if you could finally let go of painful memories? Ready to break free from the same patterns that keep showing up in your relationships? Want to learn to live freely, wholly and authentically?

We can get there together. I would be honored to show you how. Reach out today for a free consult.

We provide Couples Therapy and Individual Counseling

Counseling Services

Couples Therapy

Are you struggling in a relationship? Tired of fighting about the same things? Do you feel like you can’t get your point across or do you just give up and tune out? And is what you fight about really the issue? Probably not.

Couples Intensive

Couples Intensive counseling is for any couple committed to saving their relationship and wanting to get a jump start into the process. It’s private & dedicated back-to-back counseling sessions across 2-3 days.

Individual Counseling

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Is it getting too difficult to stay focused, keep calm and carry on? Are you stuck in grief after a loss?

Individual counseling sessions can help.

Meet Amber - Individual and Couples Counselor