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Maybe It's time for Couples Therapy and counseling ...

Is it time for couples therapy? Are you struggling in a relationship? Tired of fighting about the same things? Do you feel like you can’t get your point across or do you just give up and tune out? 

And is what you fight about really the issue? Probably not. What is getting in the way of having that relationship you want? 

As a counselor who practices Emotionally Focused Therapy, I can say you are not to blame, nor is your partner! You are caught in a repeated pattern of behavior. It is sort of like a negative cycle, which over time erodes the connection in the relationship, and this leaves us feeling tired and alone.

With couples therapy, we can lean into a deeper understanding of how our backgrounds inform our thoughts and behaviors and learn to have renewed and restructured conversations with love and compassion. Conflict left unresolved slowly erodes the relationship over time, causing distance and isolation.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Couples Therapy Road Map

Conflict in Relationships
Conflict is going to happen in a relationship. It really cannot be avoided and is actually healthy. This provides an opportunity to allow each person to see and share perspectives, so together they can come up with an answer as they collaborate and come up with a solution in a respectful way. 

Growing Together
Then you are truly growing together in the relationship bond — being able to face a difficult situation together and come out stronger and with new insight. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that very few of us ever learned how to to communicate in a healthy way, which would help us have those hard conversations or get through a conflict in a way that feels good. There is a better way!

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
EFT provides a map for couples so they can understand the complexity of what they each bring to the relationship, how they unknowingly trigger responses in the other person and how to better tune into themselves and others to identify what they really need.

At Acacia Counseling, using EFT, we help bring about connection from disconnection, rebuilding and reconnecting relationships.

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