Individual Therapy

Is it time for Individual counseling?

Anxiety, Depression, Numb, Lifeless, Hopeless, Stuck…these are all words that we use and may identify with way too often. 

Do you feel like life is just hard and you cannot catch a break? What is getting in the way of what you want? 

In individual counseling, we will work together to name, appreciate and capitalize on the strengths you already possess. In my experience as a therapist, this list of strengths is often much more than you think! Then we will set goals around what you hope to gain from counseling. 

If you are anxious, we can learn grounding techniques to help you self-soothe, when anxiety is mounting. For times when you struggle with depression, we can learn how to safely go back and unpack what went wrong and perhaps rewrite the narrative so we are not gripped anymore by unfortunate past events that have happened to us. 

Lastly, we can work to rebuild the relationship we have with ourselves, cultivating self care and inner peace instead of that same negative soundtrack that so often keeps us down. We can work to forgive someone who has hurt us, or we can journey together on a road of grieving; in this process, a simple compassionate presence is what could feel most healing.

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Regardless of why you are here, I am here to help you.

Call today to schedule an appointment for individual counseling or a free consultation. I am conveniently located in the vibrant Southlake Town Square in an office space called Office Evolution. There is plenty of parking in back of the building which also houses Williams Sonoma and Soft Surroundings. I am excited to get started with you, helping you gently and positively move forward.

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